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The awesome people at Goodreads are doing a giveaway for an advance copy of Olive the Lionheart! You only have two more days to enter, but they are giving away 100 copies! Thanks to them and St. Martin's Press for making it possible. Note: Advance copies also have really dumb typos and even weird ghost paragraphs that I am currently fixing in an open document. I had a concussion when I was proofreading the last draft so it's a little wonky. But I spelled "cat" right (I think).


So the amazing team at the CRIMINAL podcast did an episode on Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. If you know CRIMINAL, you are freaking out like I did last year when I got the email. If not, go check them out. They aren't a podcast, they are more like audio theater. When my Dad would tell me how he used to listen to The Shadow as a kid because it seemed like it was happening in the same room -- that's CRIMINAL. I will always be thankful to them for giving her story this kind of treatment. Their kind of storytelling is a gift. Go listen!

I also passionately told Phoebe Judge the entire plotline of The Goonies but thankfully that was not recorded.

Click this terrific art by Julienne Alexander to go to the CRIMINAL site. You can also find them at all your podcast places.